Blender水流体模拟插件FLIP fluids 1.0.9b版本下载

Blender水流体模拟插件FLIP fluids 1.0.9b版本下载







Blender水流体模拟插件FLIP fluids 1.0.9b版本下载

FLIP fluids是blender的水流体模拟插件,功能强大,效果特赞!




Whitewater Effects









通过将FLIP Fluids插件与Blender Fracture Modifier分支一起使用,创建有趣的破坏模拟,流体引擎经过优化,可以支撑可能包含数百到数千个单个零件的破裂物体。


  • FLIP Fluids version 1.0.9b adds many bug fixes, stability improvements, and by popular demand, a new solver feature using the APIC simulation method!
  • Added an APIC solver using the Affine Particle-In-Cell method.
    • The simulation method, FLIP or APIC, can be set in the FLIP Fluid Simulation panel or FLIP Fluid Advanced panel.
    • Choose FLIP for high energy, noisy, and chaotic simulations. Generally better for large scale simulations where noisy splashes are desirable.
    • Choose APIC for high vorticity, swirly, and stable simulations. Generally better for small scale simulations where reduced surface noise is desirable or for viscous simulations.
    • FLIP vs APIC documentation and comparisons
  • Added an Accuracy option to the viscosity solver to control the solver error tolerance.
    • Decrease to speed up baking at the cost of accuracy. Increase to improve accuracy at the cost of baking speed. High viscosity thick or stiff fluids benefit the most from increasing accuracy. Low viscosity thin fluids often work well at a lower accuracy. Setting above a value of 4 may have greatly diminishing returns on improvement.
    • The default value of 4 is the same amount of error tolerance used internally in previous versions.
  • Added an operator to the FLIP Fluid Helper sidebar menu to generate a Windows batch file (.bat) to command line render each frame of an animation one by one.
    • Operator will detect already rendered frames in the output directory and disregard these from the batch file.
    • Upon a render crash, the batch file will start up Blender again and begin rendering the next frame. In this way, you can minimize unrendered frames if your system is prone to render crashes.
    • Can be used outside of the FLIP Fluids addon to render a sequence of frames individually. There are some bugs in Blender which can cause an animation to be rendered incorrectly and a workaround to these issues is to render each frame one by one.
  • Added viewport visibility toggles to the fluid particle, force field, and obstacle debug tools.
  • Added a UI warning and tooltip if the Estimated Surface Tension Substeps info value exceeds the allowed Max Frame Substeps Value (Documentation).
  • Bug Fix: Fixed issue in Blender 2.91+ where rendering fluid meshes with motion blur enabled could result in longer Cycles render times.
    • Note: Motion Blur Rendering of fluid surfaces or whitewater particles is not currently supported (See: Motion Blur Support).
    • This fix will only apply to newly created scenes. To workaround this issue in an existing scene, select a fluid/whitewater object and disable the Object Properties > Motion Blur option (only applies if Cycles is the selected renderer).
  • Bug Fix: Fixed issue where low viscosity streams would have a velocity bias in the positive X/Y/Z direction (issue #455).
  • Bug Fix: Fixed an issue where many particles could become stuck to sharp obstacle edges which could lead to an unstable simulation (issue #508).
  • Bug Fix: Bug where using the inflow Constrain Inflow Velocity option could cause a bulge to form in the lower x/y/z corner of the domain.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed issue where disabling the whitewater feature and resuming a simulation would result in invalid whitewater cache files being generated in the cache directory.
  • Bug Fix: Issue where keyframing a min/max property could overwrite other min/max properties (issue #516).
  • Bug Fix: Issue where the bake operator status could hang on Calculating time remaining....
  • Bug Fix: UI issue where the Resume From Frame X label could be displayed in red text instead of the default white.
  • Bug Fix: UI issue where domain FLIP operator displayed the hide/show viewport/render icons in reverse order compared to regular Blender convention.
  • Bug Fix: UI issue where bake information would not be updated when using the Reset operator if the current cache directory did not exist.
  • Bug Fix: An error that would prevent a helpful error message from being displayed when loading the fluid engine library (Pull Request Here).
  • Bug Fix: Potential fix for render crashes when the Fluid Particle Debugging or Force Field Debugging tools are enabled (issue #521).
  • Bug Fix: Bug where using the FLIP Fluids Helper > Solid/Wireframe operator would deselect Fluid/Inflow/Outflow objects after execution.
  • Bug Fix: Removed deprecated cache operators (Copy/Move/Rename) from being searchable and executable in the F3 operator search menu.
  • Bug Fix: ValueError that could be triggered upon creating a domain if the .blend file was located on a different drive than the Blender installation.
  • Bug Fix: 'TypeError' that could be triggered in Blender 2.93 by pressing the F3 operator search key.
  • Bug Fix: Removed extraneous debugging code that would cause (harmless) error messages in Blender 2.79.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed error messages in Blender 2.79 due to difference in icon names in Blender 2.8+.
  • Example Scene Fix: Fixed volume_force_animated_character.blend example scene issue where the fluid objects would be emitted in the wrong direction. Corrected in the example scenes file as of March 25, 2021.
  • Changed: The FLIP Fluids Helper > Solid/Wireframe operators no longer change the render visibility of the objects. This functionality has been split into a separate row of Show/Hide Render operators that sets the render visibility of all selected objects.
  • Changed: Safety Factor (CFL Number) setting in the FLIP Fluid Advanced panel has moved from the Simulation Stability section to the Frame Substeps section. The Safety Factor option is more closely related to how the simulator calculates adaptive substeps.
  • Blender Support: Updated addon code to be compatible with Python 3.9 for future versions of Blender.
  • Blender Support: At the moment, there are no known compatibility issues between FLIP Fluids and Blender 2.93 Alpha. This may change as development of 2.93 progresses and bugs can be tracked in (issue #519).
  • Improved accuracy of viscosity solver setup.
  • Improved memory handling and storage of fluid particles and attributes.
  • Improved stability and performance.



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