Blender水流体模拟插件FLIP fluids v1.1.0版本下载

Blender水流体模拟插件FLIP fluids v1.1.0版本下载








Blender水流体模拟插件FLIP fluids v1.1.0版本下载

FLIP fluids是blender的水流体模拟插件,功能强大,效果特赞!




Whitewater Effects









通过将FLIP Fluids插件与Blender Fracture Modifier分支一起使用,创建有趣的破坏模拟,流体引擎经过优化,可以支撑可能包含数百到数千个单个零件的破裂物体。


  • version 1.1.0 (Aug 20 2021)
    • Blender 3.0 Compatibility: Blender 3.0 is still in development and is set to release in October 2021. At the moment, there are no known issues when using Blender 3.0 or the Blender 3.0 Cycles-X branch with this version of the FLIP Fluids addon.
      • Compatibility may break as Blender 3.0 is developed. Issues related to Blender 3.0 compatibility can be reported and tracked in this thread: issue #535.
    • Added support for the Apple Silicon chip.
    • Added functionality to the Automatic Command Line Bake operator (Windows Only):
      • If a simulation error occurs that stops the simulation, the operator will now attempt to automatically re-launch and resume the simulation. Certain errors such as 'Out of Memory' errors can be solved by re-launching a simulation.
      • If Blender crashes, the command line bake will try to detect the crash and attempt to re-launch Blender and the baking process.
      • The max number of re-launch attempts can be set in the FLIP Fluid Preferences menu.
    • Added 'Remove Mesh Near Domain' feature support for the preview mesh.
    • Added operator to FLIP Fluid Cache panel to set the cache location to a directory based on the name of the .blend file.
    • Added +/- operators to the FLIP Fluid Cache panel to increment/decrement a number at the end of a cache directory, similar to the icons when saving a .blend file.
    • Added support for all render output image file types when using the Helper > Generate Batch File operator.
    • Added support for curves that use the Poly spline type when used as a Curve Guided Force Field.
    • Improved support for fracture simulations set as a FLIP Fluid Obstacle where the fracture simulation contains non-manifold geometry.
      • Instead of ignoring the entire mesh when non-manifold geometry is detected, the simulator will only ignore fractured pieces of the mesh that contain non-manifold geometry.
    • Bug Fix: Simulation will no longer stop if a frame statistics temporary file is found to be in use and unable to be deleted (issue #529).
    • Bug Fix: Issue where command line operators may not work if spaces are contained in the Blender executable path, specifically when located in C:/Program Files/.
    • Bug Fix: Fixed inconsistent UI issues (issue #533).
    • Bug Fix: Issue where non-mesh type objects could be selected as a custom whitewater particle object, leading to an error during render.
    • Bug Fix: Re-fixed preview rectangle artifacts issue that was introduced as a side effect by another bug fix (issue #491).
    • Bug Fix: Issue where the whitewater display percentage setting loaded an incorrect amount of whitewater after resuming a simulation. Notes:
      • This was caused by the addon saving incorrect information to the savestates cache.
      • Simulations will need to be re-baked for this fix to take effect.
    • Bug Fix: Fixed a FileNotFoundError when using the FLIP Fluids Helper > Generate Batch File if the render output location was set to a relative path.
    • Bug Fix: fixed issue where Helper > Generate Batch File operator did not support image file prefixes in the render output location.
    • Bug Fix: When baking from the command line and an error is encountered within the simulation, an error message will now be output correctly to the command line window.
    • Bug Fix: The cache directory can no longer be set to a location directly relative to the .blend file (ex: '//').
    • Bug Fix: Fixed issue where liquid could be spawned with triangle line artifacts for cuboid shaped Fluid objects in high resolution simulations.
    • Bug Fix: Crash that could be caused by using undo after activating the Create Domain operator on a selected object.
    • Bug Fix: Fixed incorrect render issue when 'Render > Persistent Data' option is enabled. Note: with this option enabled, rendering can be less stable. It is recommended to render through the command line if enabling this option.
    • Bug Fix: Fixed issue where a curve or empty type object could not be added as a force field object through the helper menu.
    • Bug Fix: (Blender 3.0) TypeError which prevents fluid surface object from being generated upon creation of a domain.
    • Bug Fix: (Blender 3.0) KeyError generated upon starting a simulation.
    • Bug Fix: (Blender 3.0) Immediate crash upon starting a render of a FLIP Fluids addon cache generated in Blender 2.93 or lower.
    • Blender Bug: Added a workaround for issue T87629 to return a 'fake' preferences with default values if the actual preferences cannot be accessed. This workaround is to support activating the FLIP Fluids addon through the command line.
    • Blender Bug: There is an issue that causes render crashes when rendering vertex attributes (T88811). The only known workaround is to render using the command line.



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