GH插件-Termite Nest-V1.0.0.beta.2-生成空间规划

GH插件-Termite Nest-V1.0.0.beta.2-生成空间规划

GH插件-Termite Nest-V1.0.0.beta.2-生成空间规划

插件名:Termite Nest

作者:Mohammad Tabari




  • Rhino Win 6





Generative Space Planning

Termite_Nest is a plugin that provides multiple fascinating utilities for space planning. With the advantage of the Termite_nest's Graph_analysis and Syntactic tools, you will be able to generate a spatial graph within any boundary form. Furthermore, The provided User-defined Layout generator aids you to translate the generated spatial graph into different morphological shape. Termite_nest is designed in a way to help Architects to find out the various geometrical potential of their desires planning topology in an easy way. As a tool, it can be synced with different optimization and utilities in Grasshopper parametric environments that allow Architects to gain unlimited power to generate compare and evolve their design products.


Termite_Nest V.1.0,0.beta.2的版本更新说明:

This is a Beta version of the Termite Nest plugin Please help us with your comments to make it stronger. The file contains the plugin installation file and an example file. Drag the "GHPY" into a grasshopper canvas to install the plugin.

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